• All job parts are charged at cost. However, there is a time charge at the stated hourly rate for shopping and making purchases on a client’s behalf.
• Standard mileage rate charge may apply for jobs outside the Plano/Allen/Frisco area depending on the distance to the job location. If applicable, this will be discussed in advance.
• Payment for parts, supplies, and labor is due at the completion of the job.

• I only do work I am comfortable with and will provide referrals to other contractors for work declined on the basis of expertise or where I feel it is in my client’s best interest financially.
• If there is a change to the originally agreed-upon work that changes the required materials, tools needed to complete the revised work request or would extend the time and thus adversely affect another scheduled client, an additional appointment will be scheduled to ensure the work can be completed cost-effectively and respectful to all parties’ time commitments.
• Punctuality is a common complaint that clients have about contractors and it is something I take seriously. There are always unknowns on a job that can cause a job to take longer than anticipated. I work fast and diligent and my aim is to minimize the impact of unforeseen variables. Though I value and try to show up on time every time, I will not leave a client location if there is a critical situation requiring immediate attention and that would result in damage to their home or worsening a situation just so I can be on time for the next client. In the event of such an emergency, I will call or text my clients to notify them of the delay and/or reschedule as needed according to their availability. Conversely, a late client affects other clients as well as my ability to earn a living. If I arrive at a client’s and they are not home, I will attempt to contact them at the phone number provided and will wait at the appointed location up to 10 minutes. Depending on the circumstances, I might ask a client to pay a no-show fee. Though I have never done so, there have been several circumstances where it would have been in my best interest or that of other client’s to do so. You want your time respected and I ask for the same courtesy in return.

Though I have never charged a no-show fee, one will be charged at the standard rate of 1 hour. Waiting for 10 minutes at the agreed location is included along with letting the client know I am on my way and that I have arrived at the location. This time is reserved for the client and it comes at a cost of not being able to service other clients.
• I only book time on my schedule when I have the client’s first and last name and their complete address.